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TECHCET CA LLC is a Technology Focused Materials Market Research and Consulting company serving the Semiconductor, Display, Photovoltaic, and Printable Electronics markets. TECHCET was founded in 1999 to provide comprehensive supply-chain analysis, risk assessment, and long-term market forecasts on critical materials directly to Sematech. Today, TECHCET is recognized as the authority in materials market forecasts, supply-chain sustainability, as well as leading-edge technologies relating to device fabrication. Our product offerings include a broad range of Critical Materials Reports on all consumable materials employed in semiconductor fabrication. TECHCET employs subject matter experts having first-hand experience within the industries which they analyze. Most of TECHCET’s analysts have over 25 years of direct and relevant experience in their field.

Southern CA office   (San Diego)
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Lita Shon-Roy – President/CEO and founding partner of TECHCET—has worked throughout the semiconductor supply chain, leading strategy, business development, marketing and sales for chip designers, equipment OEMs, and material suppliers for over 30 years. Her experience spans from process development of flat panel displays to business development of metal organic precursors. She developed new business opportunities for companies such as RASIRC/Matheson Gases and IPEC/Speedfam, and managed marketing and sales in companies such as Air Products/Schumacher, Brooktree/Rockwell, and Hughes Aircraft. She has authored and co-authored articles and texts on semiconductor processing, materials market trends, and worldwide supply chain issues as related to the world economy, and is considered expert in electronic materials marketing and business development. She holds a M.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California, a B.S. in chemical engineering from UC San Diego, and is completing her M.B.A. at California State University.

Portland, OR office
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Karey Holland, Ph.D. – CTO and founding partner of TECHCET—has specialized in advanced semiconductor transistor fabrication, including metrology, CMP, ALD & CVD, photolithography, and interconnect technologies for over 30 years. She was CTO of start-up NexPlanar, strategic marketing senior manager at FEI, on the Board of Directors at Nova Measuring Instruments, VP of technology at CMP pad supplier Thomas West, and CTO and VP of process technology at CMP OEM IPEC/SpeedFam-IPEC. Previously, she was manager of manufacturing planning for Motorola’s Microprocessor and Memory Technology Group. Her career began in process engineering at IBM where she managed DUV lithography technology development, and worked on interconnect integration for 4 and 16 Mb DRAMs which were the first chips in the world to use tungsten plugs and CMP for all interconnect dielectrics. She holds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Pennsylvania State University, a M.S. in analytical chemistry from Purdue University, and a B.A. in chemistry from Albion College.
 Email Mike Mike Walden – Sales Director and Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET—is an expert in silicon covering the silicon wafer industry and related technologies. He has over 20 years of experience in the silicon supply-chain for high volume manufacturing, including both consumption and supply sides. He spent more than a decade each at IBM and SUMCO, serving in a variety of business development and senior / executive management roles and was an active leader in the National and International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors programs (NTRS / ITRS) during that tenure. He holds a M.S. in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech, and a B.S. double major in physics and mathematics from Morehead State University.
 Email Ed Ed Korczynski – Marketing Director and Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET— covers Photoresist and Extensions and Ancillary materials, and is the co-chair of the Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference. He is also a consultant for IC, LED, and MEMS process manufacturing, based on over 30 years of experience in Silicon Valley. He managed $10M annual business in China and Korea for Applied Materials, and applications and marketing for Watkins-Johnson, Samco, TruSi, PDF Solutions, UltraClean Technology, and Intermolecular. Previously, he engineered fab processes for the world’s first commercial MEMS accelerometer featuring TSV and WLP, and sustained LED HVM while developing metrology/inspection systems to boost absolute yield 2%. As technical editor with Solid State Technology magazine he won two ASBPE awards, and launched Ed’s Threads in 2006 as the first IC industry blog. He holds a B.S. in materials science and engineering from MIT, and one patent.
Email Jerry Chau-hwa “Jerry” Yang, Ph.D. —Director of Business Development—has over 20 years of work experience that spans the entire materials supply-chain from end user at IBM, through OEM at LAM/IPEC, to materials at CMP consumable supplier Rohm&Haas/Rodel (now DOW). He is well versed in etch chemistry and CMP technology. He helped Rohm & Haas establish their Greater China market share as General Manager for CMP Business. More recently, he was an Advisor of SEMATECH Taiwan/GC Liaison, where he helped International SEMATECH expand their Asia membership and supported technology transfer for SEMATECH members in IC Technology, Manufacturing, Equipment and Critical Materials councils. He holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, a B.S. in chemical engineering from National Taiwan University, and several patents.

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Diane Scott, Ph.D. – Sr. Technology Analyst and Account Manager of TECHCET— covers chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) consumables and technology based on over 20 years of industry experience. Her work experience in CMP includes leadership and innovation at Rodel (now Dow) and NexPlanar (now Cabot Microelectronics), both CMP pad manufactures. She was a co-founder of CMP Solutions LLC, a start-up company providing technical expertise and consulting services in the CMP technology area for semiconductor manufacturing companies. She holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, a B.S. in chemical engineering from Clarkson University, and 13 patents.

Dresden, Germany
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Jonas Sundqvist, Ph.D. – Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET— covers ALD and CVD precursors and related technologies, and is the co-chair of the Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference. His over 20 years of work experience includes group leader of the High-k devices group at Fraunhofer’s Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT), which included 28nm node work for GLOBALFOUNDRIES Fab1. While there, he founded the ALD Lab Dresden together with TU Dresden. At Infineon Memory Development Centre (MDC) he developed high-k and metal nitride ALD processes, and at Qimonda he was a materials manager focused on the ALD / CVD precursors supply-chain. He is the founder of BALD Engineering, an independent blog and networking platform for ALD. He holds a Ph.D. and a M.S. in inorganic chemistry from Uppsala University, Sweden, a B.S. in electrical and electronics engineering from Lars Kagg, and nine patents.
Email Bruce Bruce Adams – Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET— covers high purity specialty gases and chemicals used to manufacturer electronic devices. He has over 30 years of experience in the electronics industry, and has held senior positions at Air Products, Matheson, Sumitomo, and Honeywell. He combines both technical and marketing capabilities to understand and analyze the dynamic electronic materials market. He is well versed in international business, having traveled extensively throughout the world and negotiated and helped start a joint venture in Japan. He has served as co-chair of the SEMI Photovoltaic Advisory Committee, SEMI Standards Committees, and several technical symposia. He holds a M.B.A. from Arizona State University, a B.A. in chemistry from Grand Canyon College, and one patent.
Southern CA office (San Diego)
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Yu Bibby, Ph.D. – Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET— is a supply-chain expert in China’s raw rare earths, semi-precious metals and minerals, and global semiconductor wet chemicals. She has over 20 years of technical experience in the semiconductor and optics industries, focusing on optical metrology, optical/electro-optic component and system design and modeling, and fiber optics. She has a multi-disciplinary background in optical engineering, physics, corporate technology training, intellectual property, and university teaching. She was co-founder and Sr. Scientist at UV Global developing UV optical systems. Previously, she was Chief Research Scientist at IPCG. As a seasoned university professor she received two Outstanding Faculty Awards, having taught physics and optics at Wilkes University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, and currently teaching at UC Irvine as an adjunct faculty. She holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in physics from Drexel University, and three patents.
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Terry Francis – Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET— covers metals/sputter targets markets and supply-chains. His work experience includes CTO, Sr. Director, Technical application expert, process manager and engineering management from companies such as Matheson, Air Products, Applied Materials, Burroughs, NCR, AMI, and National Semiconductor. He has over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor industry and has managed businesses from $2M to over $100M in revenues. In addition, he is experienced in material, chemical, and electrical engineering as well as the R&D and development programs in the Chemical/OEM/IDM sectors in the microelectronic industry. He holds a M.B.A. from National University, and a B.A. in chemistry from Oregon State University.

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Brooks Hurd – Sr. Technology Analyst of TECHCET— covers facilities and bulk gas technology. He is an experienced project and operations manager with over 40 years of industrial gas experience, and has been a key member of the construction teams at 23 semiconductor fabs on 3 continents. He has managed the design, start-up and operation of fab projects world-wide, including three recent cylinder filling facilities for semiconductor gases. He founded Sirius UHP, an engineering consultancy company focused on the Asian semiconductor industry. He has worked at Air Products and Chemicals, Matheson Trigas, Quantum Clean, and on contracts with Hynix, Macronix, AMD, Tower, TI, UMC, Winbond, Intel, TSMC, Applied Materials and other semiconductor manufacturers as well as equipment and materials suppliers. He is fluent in German, conversant in Korean, Dutch, and French, and learning Mandarin. He holds a B.S. degree in chemical engineering from the Ohio State University.


Northern CA office (San Jose)
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Sue Davis – Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET— covers CMP consumables and technology. She has over 20 years of engineering management, product development, technical marketing, and program management experience in the semiconductor, defense, and services industries. As a Texas Instruments assignee to SEMATECH, she served as the CMP Program Manager responsible for strategic initiatives including development projects with materials and OEM suppliers, OEM reliability equipment improvement programs, and conducting CMP User Group meetings for member companies. While at Rodel (acquired by Dow) she managed product development and process optimization projects with CMP OEMs. As a member of Motorola’s MOS-13 start up team, she led benchmarking, equipment selection and process development for dielectric tools and processes, and was a member of the MOS11-MOS13 process transfer team. Sue holds a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering, and received a management leadership certificate from the University of Texas at Austin.

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Tim Dyer – Sr. Market Analyst of TECHCET — covers consumable equipment components and technologies. based on his more than 20 years of materials engineering, product development, and senior technical leadership experience. He has worked for both process critical ceramic materials suppliers and equipment OEMs as a technical contributor and leader at companies including Elcon, Enovix, Morgan Advanced Ceramics, Cymer, Novellus/Speedfam, Heraeus, and Applied Materials. He has developed equipment and materials products for a variety of industries, including oil and gas, seawater purification, semiconductor (CVD, CMP, PVD, and Etching) equipment, biomedical components, chemical analysis, IR and UV lasers, nuclear reactors, and MEMS for high energy density lithium ion batteries. He holds a B.S. in materials science and a M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of California, Davis, and over 40 patents.

Portland, OR office
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Steve Holland, Ph.D. – Senior Advisor and founding partner of TECHCET— has worked on advanced IC interconnect technology for over 30 years. He worked at IBM from 1981 through 1993, during this time he was one of the prime innovators on the first tungsten interconnect technology development used for the 4 Mb DRAMs. He also worked in manufacturing introduction of 1 Mb DRAM, CMOS device design, and advanced chip packaging, and managed the first low-k dielectric project at SEMATECH. He co-authored multiple patents and papers on advanced interconnect technology. More recently, he has been involved in market and product development for consumables, advanced metallurgies, and advanced dielectrics at both AlliedSignal and Arch Chemicals. Currently, he is focused on chemical analysis of nanotechnology materials as well as failure analysis. He holds a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Purdue University and a B.A. in Chemistry from Occidental College, and multiple patents.

Northern CA office
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Michael A. Fury, Ph.D. – Senior Advisor of TECHCET— has over 30 years of experience in bench research, R&D management, IP management, process technology development, production management, marketing management and strategic advisory work in the semiconductor and nanotechnology industries, specializing in advanced electronic materials. He is new business development manager for Electronic Materials at both Ceimig, a platinum group metal specialty chemical manufacturer in Dundee, Scotland and Gwent Electronic Materials, a manufacturer of inks for printed electronics, fuel cells, displays and sensors, in Pontypool, Wales. He has authored and co-authored over 100 articles, short courses, and presentations on advanced materials, has served as an expert witness, and is a frequently invited speaker at technical symposia and graduate level seminars. In 2003 he was named in the first edition of Who’s Who in Semiconductors. He holds a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana.