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Members have exclusive access to:

  • Quarterly Updates on Critical Materials
  • CMC Meetings and Seminar output information via our Members Only Portal
  • Urgent and Important Analyst News Alerts

General Council Ground Rules:

  • Councils are ‘participation-based’, willingness to contribute is expected.
  • Councils use ‘Give to Get’ for member shares and surveys. ‘Give to Get’ means a company has to provide data in order to see and receive other member’s data.
  • Participation in surveys and presentations are highly encouraged.
  • Member presentations and survey materials provided are expected to be in detail and quality consistent with the Council’s expectations.
  • Format of survey results can be anonymous, ‘double blind’, or with company identities revealed as decided by the Council.
  • In addition to face-to-face meeting events, teleconferences or Web based planning sessions will be used to organize and identify Council activities and schedules; participation is encouraged.
  • The Web based participation option will be available for each Council meeting unless otherwise stated.
  • Councils will make reasonable efforts to accommodate different time zones and schedules for teleconferences or Web based.
  • Councils decide activities by consensus, or if necessary by majority vote.
  • All Council activities comply with TECHCET confidentiality obligations.
  • All meetings will be conducted in English, unless specified by the Council.

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