Dielectric Precursors

Dielectric Precursors 2017 – Just Released!


The Dielectric Precursors Report provide detailed market, supply chain and technology trend information required for anyone developing strategy for their business, be it a materials supplier or semiconductor chip manufacturer. Precursor types include, gapfill, ILD, low K, and multi-patterning.

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Product Description

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1     Executive Summary

2     Scope

3     Fundamentals of dielectric thin film deposition

3.1      Dielectric CVD – DCVD

3.2      Atomic Layer Deposition – ALD

3.3      Spin-on Dielectrocs (SOD)

4    IC Technology Trends & Roadmaps

4.1      Lithography – Multi-patterning and Hardmasks

4.2      Copper Interconnect

4.3      Logic Transistor Evolution

4.4     Extending FinFET to Horizontal Nanowires GAA FETs

4.5      Realizing vertical logic – going vertical (2.5/3D)

4.6     Memory Evolution

4.7      DRAM

4.7.1   10nm class DRAM

4.7.2   Hybrid Memory Cube

4.8     2D to 3D-NAND transition

5     Technical Challenges for Dielectrics Films

5.1      Dielectrics and 3D NAND

5.2      Interconnect Trends and Challenges

6    Dielectrics Materials and Precursors

6.1      Low-k Dielectrics

6.1.1   FSGs (Fluoro-silicate Glasses) and CDOs (Carbon Doped Oxides)

6.1.2    Spin-On Dielectrics (SOD)

6.1.3    Porous Low-k

6.1.4    Capping Layers and Barrier Dielectrics

6.2      Hardmasks and Diffusion Barriers

6.3      STI GAP FILL

6.4     Sidewall Spacer

6.5      PMD

6.6     Considerations for dielectric precursors

6.6.1    The CVD & ALD process

6.6.2    Spin-on precursors

6.6.3    Multi-Patterning

6.6.4    SADP – self aligned double patterning

6.7      Organic and inorganic precursors and related equipment set

6.8     Low Temp SiN Issues

6.9     ALD SiO2

6.10   Precursor Delivery


7.1      Supply Value Chain Issues and Trends

7.2      Dielectric precursor market shares

7.3      Supply Base in Korea

7.4      Market Size/Forecast

8    Future Outlook for Dielectric Precursors

8.1      IP filing fo Dielectric CVD, ALD and Precursor

9    Suppliers Profiles

9.1      Adeka

9.2      Air Liquide S.A.

9.3      DNF “Dream New Future”

9.4     Dow Corning

9.5      Digital Speciality Chemicals (DSC)

9.6     Entegris (previously ATMI)

9.7      Fujifilm

9.8     Gelest, Inc

9.9     Honeywell International Inc

9.10   Kojundo Chemical Laboratory

9.11   Merck’s EMD Performance Materials (previously Epichem, SAFC Hitech and AZ)

9.12   Nanmat Technology Co. Ltd.

9.13   Nova-Kem LLC.

9.14   Praxair

9.15   Soulbrain Co., Ltd

9.16   TCI Chemicals

9.17   UP Chemical Co., Ltd.

9.18   Versum Materials, Inc. (previously Air Products Chemical Inc.)


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