NEON – Supply & Demand Report


The Neon Report provides market and business trend details on NEON used in semiconductor device manufacturing.

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Product Description

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1 Introduction
2 Why is there a Shortage?
2.1 Basics
2.1.1 Economic Issues (International Monetary Fund Analysis & December 2015 Updates)
2.1.2 Neon Production
2.1.3 Present Neon supply
2.2 Analysis of Future Situation on Supply
2.2.1 Supply Chain Logistics
2.3 Supply Chain Summary
3 Neon Demand Drivers
3.1.1 Lithography
3.1.2 Lithography Tools
3.1.3 Problem with Historical Analysis of Neon Demand
3.2 Excimer lasers usage is the driving source for Neon demand
4 NEON Demand Specifics
4.1 Optimization
4.2 NEON Demand Summary
5 Risk Factors
6 Summary
7 Bibliography


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