Wet Chemicals and Specialty Cleaning


The Wet Chemicals Report provides a detailed look at the electronic wet chemicals supply chain and market as it applies to semiconductor processing.

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Product Description

1. Executive Summary
     1.1 Electronic Wet Chemicals Market Results
     1.2 The Worldwide Chemical Industry in Brief
     1.3 Supply Chain Issues
     1.4 Environmental, Health, and Safety
2. Scope
3. Worldwide Industrial Chemicals Market
     3.1 US: Amid Growth
           3.1.1 Cost of Manufacturing Wet Chemicals in US
     3.2 Europe: Cheap Feedstock Will Offset the Region’s Soft Markets
     3.3 Asia and China: Over Supply and Slower Growth
     3.4 Worldwide Electronic Wet Chemical Market Ranking
4. Electronic Wet Chemical Market Results
     4.1 Market Statistics
           4.1.1 Sulfuric Acid
           4.1.2 Nitric Acid
           4.1.3 Phosphoric Acid
5. Supply Chain Issues
     5.3 Solvents and the Petrochemical Market
     5.4 Phosphoric Acid and Phosphor Rock
           5.4.1 Phosphor Rock and China
           5.4.2 The World’s Phosphor Rock Production and Reserves
           5.4.3 Phosphor Rock and Low Grade Bulk Phosphoric Acid Price
           5.4.4 Phosphoric Acid Usage Worldwide
     5.5 HF and the Fluorspar Supply Chain
           5.5.1 Semiconductor HF/BOE Market Size
           5.5.2 Prices and Growth for HF /BOE in the USA Market
           5.5.3 HF and the Fluorspar Supply Chain Issues
           5.5.4 Fluorspar Trade and Production
           5.5.5 HF Pricing and China
     5.6 Wet Chemical Purity Requirements and Trends
6. Future Trends in Wet Cleaning
     6.1 Green Chemistries – Water and Sulfuric Acid Waste
     6.2 Blending systems
     6.3 450 mm wafers
7 Post CMP Cleaning
8 Supply Chain Connections-Makers & Suppliers
9 Environmental, Health and Safety
10 Company Profiles
     10.1 Air Liquide (Supplier)
     10.2 BASF (Maker, Purifier and Supplier)
     10.3 Bluestar New Chemical Material Co., Ltd. (Maker and Supplier)
     10.4 Dongwoo Fine Chemicals, Ltd. (Korea, Purifier& Supplier)
     10.5 Dow Chemical (Maker)
     10.6 Eastman Chemical Company (Maker)
     10.7 FMC Corporation* (Maker & Supplies, its Industrial Chemicals Group sold to One Equity Partners)
     10.8 FujiFilm Electronic Materials (Maker, Purifier & Supplier)
     10.9 Honeywell International Inc. (Maker, Purifier & Supplier)
     10.10 Israel Chemicals Ltd. (Maker)
     10.11 Kanto Chemical Co., Inc. (Purifier & Supplier)
     10.12 KMG Chemicals Inc. (Maker, Purifier & Supplier)
     10.13 Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc. /Avantor (Purifier & Supplier)
     10.14 Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group, Inc. (Maker & Supplier)
     10.15 OM Group, Inc. (now part of KMG, Purifier & Supplier)
     10.16 Rhodia (Owned by Solvay, Maker & Supplies Directly)*
     10.17 Rudong Zhenfeng Yiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. (maker)
     10.18 Solvay* (Maker)
     10.19 UltraPure Chemicals/OMG*(Purifier&Supplier, now KMG)


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