2018 CMC Seminar / ICMtia Conference Joint Event in Ningbo, China

SAVE THE DATE: October 30-31, 2018

San Diego, CA, July 09, 2018: TECHCET—the advisory services firm providing electronic materials information— announced that the 2018 Critical Materials Council (CMC) Seminar will be held in Ningbo, China in coordination with the IC Materials and Components Industry Technological Innovation Alliance (ICMtia) of China’s annual event. This will be a joint conference 2-day event, October 30-31, for registered attendees and members from both the ICMtia and CMC. Following this public event will be 1.5-days of private CMC face-to-face meetings.

“We are very happy to be working with the ICMtia, who will be hosting the event in Ningbo, China, for the mutual benefit of both our member organizations,” said Lita Shon-Roy, TECHCET President and CEO. “IC fabrication is a global business based on global supply-chains, and our events will cover pre-competitive best-practices in ensuring quality, safety, and trace-ability in semiconductor fabrication materials.”

“We are excited that the CMC Seminar and private meeting will be located in Ningbo this year, and look forward to meeting the CMC Members,” commented Ingrid Shi, ICMtia Secretary General. “SMIC, China’s largest IC wafer foundry company, has committed to promoting the development of the IC industry supply-chain in Ningbo, less than 200 kilometers south of Shanghai on the coast.”

The first phase of construction to support IC manufacturing, including materials, parts, and other special projects is planned to be completed and put into use in 2018. Located in the Beilun Chaiqiao District of Ningbo, regions are divided into high-end manufacturing and production areas, R&D service complexes, and ecological and cultural areas. When including the Lingang Chemical District and the development of space on the south side of the region, the planned area can reach 35 square kilometers.

Event information: https://cmcfabs.org/cmc-events/

ABOUT TECHCET: TECHCET CA LLC is an advisory service firm focused on process materials supply-chains, electronic materials technology, and materials market analysis for the semiconductor, display, solar/PV, and LED industries. Since 2000, the company has been responsible for producing the SEMATECH Critical Material Reports, covering silicon wafers, semiconductor gases, wet chemicals, CMP consumables, Photoresists, and ALD/CVD Precursors. For additional information about these reports or CMC Fabs membership please contact Diane Scott at info@cmcfabs.org +1-480-332-8336, or go to www.techcet.com or www.cmcfabs.org.

ABOUT ICMtia: IC Materials and components industry Technology Innovative Alliance (ICMtia) is a Chinese organization promoting the production, application, research and development of IC materials and components in industry. The alliance is also trying to build up the domestic material and components supply chain and stimulating cooperative development. The organization is a non-exclusive, non-profit that guarantees fairness, impartiality, and sustainable development. The alliance was established in 2012. For additional information about ICMtia activities please contact Manyu Dai at manyu_dai@icmtia.com +86-574-86120213 or go to www.icmtia.com.