4th CMC Seminar Focus on Materials Quality

Quality Excursions Can Cost Fabs Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

The Critical Materials Council (CMC), a unit of TECHCET, announces that their 4th annual public CMC Seminar will be focused on quality excursions and the global materials value-chain. Fabs such as local Taiwanese powerhouse TSMC have suffered millions of dollars in lost product revenues due to quality excursions in materials from global materials suppliers. The CMC Seminar is one of the best forums to learn about these challenges and opportunities related to evolving electronic materials supply-chains.
The CMC Seminar explores the dynamics of local materials supply-chains within global markets. Along with a panel discussion between invited CMC fabs and material suppliers and networking opportunities, there will be timely presentations on the following topics:
• Keynote on “Navigating Global and Local Semiconductor Materials Markets and Supply-Chains,” presented by Mr. KC Hsu, Vice President of Micron Memory Taiwan,
• “Bulk Specialty Gas Supply: Debottlenecking the Electronics Material Supply Chain From Material Production to Fab Consumption,” by Dr. Hok Tsan Lam, Head of Business Development for
Linde Electronics,
• “Solving Challenges in Vapor Concentration Delivery,” by Mr. Ray Morgan, Director of Veeco,
• “Prevention & Control of Particles & Heavy Metal Contamination in Fabs,” by Dr. David Huang, Vice President of Pall Filters,
• “Global Materials Markets and Forecasts,” by Dr. Dan Tracy, Sr. Analyst of TECHCET, and
• “Challenges of Global Supply Chains,” by Ms. Jenny Tan, Sr. Manager for Global Procurement of Micron.
Attendees will have opportunities to network with CMC Fab members who will have just finished their private face-to-face meetings held earlier that week.
Who Should Attend?
• I. Semiconductor device fabricators,
• II. Materials and equipment suppliers, and
• III. Financial analysts, with an interest in semiconductor process materials markets.

For more information and to register for the event: CMC Seminar 2019
CMC Fab members include: