ALD/CVD Metal Precursors US$640M Market Booming to US$910M in 2024: Both advanced logic and memory growing demand

San Diego, CA, April 5, 2021: TECHCET—the electronic materials advisory firm providing business and technology information—announces that the global market for atomic-layer deposition (ALD) and chemical-vapor deposition (CVD) metal precursors for semiconductor manufacturing in 2020 was worth ~US$640M. Driven by advanced logic and 3D-NAND memory chip fabrication needs, demand for ALD and CVD metal precursors is forecast to see a 2020-2024 compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of ~10% as…

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Germanium Can Take Transistors Where Silicon Can’t

Nearly 70 years ago, two physicists at Bell Telephone Laboratories—John Bardeen and Walter Brattain—pressed two thin gold contacts into a slab of germanium and made a third contact on the bottom of the slab. The flow of current through this configuration could be used to turn a small signal into a larger one. The result was the first transistor—the amplifier and switch that was, arguably, the greatest invention of…

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China’s SMIC eyes S. Korea’s Dongbu HiTek

October 25, 2016: China-based Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. is seeking to buy South Korea’s only foundry chipmaker Dongbu HiTek Co., industry sources said Monday, a move that is expected to bring changes to the intensely competitive market. “Dongbu HiTek has not held an open bidding (since December), and is seeking a private contract,” an official from the Korea Development Bank said. “The company is currently negotiating with SMIC, which…

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Qualcomm in Talks to Acquire NXP Semiconductors

Qualcomm Inc. is in talks to acquire NXP Semiconductors NV, a deal that likely would cost more than $30 billion and accelerate a consolidation rush in the semiconductor industry. The companies could strike an agreement in the next two to three months, according to people familiar with the matter. As always, it is possible there won’t be one, and some of the people said Qualcomm is simultaneously exploring other…

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450mm And Other Emergency Measures

Talk about boosting wafer sizes from 300mm to 450mm has been creeping back into presentations and discussions at conferences over the past couple months. Earlier this year, discussions focused on panel-level packaging. These are basically similar approaches to the same problem, which is that wafers need to be larger to reap efficiencies out of device scaling. Whether either of these approaches ever materializes is questionable. The cost of developing…

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Applied soars; KLA’s tools; Firm buys last U.S. wafer maker.

Applied Materials reported its results for the third quarter ended July 31. Net sales of $2.82 billion were up 15{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} sequentially and up 13{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} year over year. “AMAT reported impressive upside in July quarter and guided October quarter well ahead of expectations as the company is seeing sizable tailwinds across: 1) WFE uptick driven by foundry and NAND orders; 2) strong growth in display driven by OLED ramps; 3)…

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