Slowing Industry Conditions Temporarily Eases Supply Strain in 2023 for Silicon and SOI Wafers

Investments in increased capacity not expected to alleviate strain until 2024-2025 San Diego, CA, January 10, 2023:  TECHCET—the advisory firm providing business and technology information on the semiconductor materials supply chain — has announced that the Silicon Wafer market is forecasted to hit a downturn that will result in a decline of at most -2% in 2023. This market decline comes after Silicon Wafer shipments reached an all-time high…

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Silicon & SOI Wafers – A Record Year Amidst Tightening Supply

New production expansions needed, but will not take effect until 2024 San Diego, CA, August 16, 2022:  TECHCET—the electronic materials advisory firm providing business and technology information— announced the Silicon Wafer market for semiconductor applications, including SOI wafers, will grow to US$16 billion in 2022, about 12% above the US$14.2 billion recorded in 2021. Wafer shipments are expected to reach a record, with a forecasted 6% growth to 15.1…

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