Veeco Announces Reduction in ALD Technology Investments

Veeco Announces Reduction in ALD Technology Investments and Guides Third Quarter 2016 Revenue to High End of Guidance Range PLAINVIEW, NY–(Marketwired – October 05, 2016) – Significantly reducing future investments in Atomic Layer Deposition (“ALD”) technology development ALD cost reductions expected to result in annualized savings of approximately $10 million Expecting to record pre-tax charges of between $56 and $62 million in Q3 2016, the vast majority of which…

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Intel Is Now A Threat To TSMC, GlobalFoundries And Samsung

Summary Intel is poised to become the next go-to chip manufacturing service provider for OEMs who need ARM-based processors. The company’s 10-nanometer FinFET process is compatible with ARM’s Artisan Physical IP – the industry standard for creating Cortex ARM processors. Intel’s fabs will be able to produce fully-compliant 10-nm ARM-based processors. LG Electronics has signed up to use Intel’s 10-nm process to make ARM-based mobile processors. An ARM Artisan-compliant,…

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Infineon tops power semiconductor market, followed by TI and ST, after 2.6{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} decline to $34b in 2015

Overall revenue for the power semiconductor market globally fell by 2.6{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} to $34bn in 2015, due primarily to macroeconomic factors and application-specific issues, according to IHS Markit’s ‘Power Semiconductor Market Share Report – 2016′ (which this year includes power ICs for the first time, as well as discrete power semiconductors and power semiconductor modules). Specifically, discrete power semiconductor product revenue declined 10.1{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} and power module revenues fell by 11.4{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f},…

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Unlike Intel And TSMC Samsung Electronics’ Semiconductor Investment Expected to Shrink in H2 Year on Year

SEOUL, KOREA 10 August 2016 – 11:45am Cho Jin-young According to IC Insights, a market survey organization, in the second half of this year, the total CAPEX of the Big 3 in the global semiconductor industry is forecast to reach US$19.989 billion, up 90{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} from the first half. It is forecast that the semiconductor division of Samsung Electronics will invest US$ 7.561 billion, an increase of 120{1c8721459c474d1d5b48ba9ae7120e36de45aa62207fb48292a0a282be55d27f} from US$3.439…

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