High-end O-Rings to Grow 2x Faster than Wafer Starts

FFKM O-Rings remains low-risk pathway for semiconductor manufacturing

San Diego, CA, June 12, 2024:  TECHCET — the advisory firm providing materials market information for semiconductor supply chain resilience — sees upward growth for perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)-based O-Rings required in semiconductor applications, including ALD, CVD, RTP, dry strip, and etch, as well as seals used in the sub-fab. In 2023, the FFKM O-ring market size was approximately $600M, and the future outlook is expected to rise up to $900M by 2028, as highlighted in TECHCET’s new Market Report on O-Rings.

FFKM-based O-rings are favored in the semiconductor industry due to superior properties including chemical resistance, high temperature stability, low temperature resilience, and purity. While not all semiconductor manufacturing requires these materials, it is increasingly the low-risk pathway throughout the industry. The FFKM seals revenue growth is around 2x that of wafer start growth, primarily due to process temperature increases in the fab and sub-fab.

Currently, a small number of players hold the majority of the FFKM seals market. However, market position can easily shift due to changes in chip manufacturer processes and warranty period expirations. Market position can also be highly impacted by regulations and PFAS-free alternatives.

These high-end O-Rings are dependent on PFAS raw materials, which are currently under threat of being eliminated by regulatory policies. Alternative materials do exist, but performance may be compromised and the industry is hesitant to adopt them. Europe has already implemented regulations against some PFAS materials, and the US is considering similar measures.

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