IC Specialty Cleaning Materials US$1B Market in 2022

Custom chemistry blends for exacting applications

San Diego, CA, September 21, 2018: TECHCET—the advisory services firm providing electronic materials information— announced that global IC fabrication demand for specialty cleaning materials is forecasted to be over US$800 million in 2018, and growing steadily to over US$1 billion by the year 2022. The highest growth rate, at over 15 percent CAGR, is seen in post-etch residue removal (PERR) specialty chemical formulations for 22nm-node and smaller ICs. New company entrants to the market are attracted by such growth rates, but formulations cannot be simply copied due to trace-components which directly influence process results, as detailed in the latest TECHCET Critical Materials Report (CMR) on specialty cleans.

“An interesting factor is that while new chemistries and processes are being developed to serve the leading edge of IC fabrication, there is also steady growth in demand for legacy cleaning solutions to support manufacturing of chips for IoT and consumer markets,” said Terry Francis, TECHCET senior analyst and author of the report. “The transition point for where the need for specialty cleans becomes exponentially more challenging is the 22nm node.”

Cleaning chemistry for chemical-mechanical planarization (post-CMP) must be tuned to the specific slurry chemistry used and to the materials exposed by final planarization. The number of CMP steps are increasing for advanced IC fabrication, not only in the metal layers for on-chip interconnect but also to planarize poly-silicon and silicon-germanium (SiGe) as part of transistor formation.

Suppliers covered in this report include: Air Liquide, AUECC (Linde), Avantor (Mallinckrodt Baker), BASF, Dongwoo Fine Chemicals, DowDuPont, Eastman Chemical, Entegris, FUJIFILM Ultra Pure Solutions, Honeywell International, Israel Chemicals, JiangyinJianghua Microelectronics Materials (JM), Jiangyin Runma Electronic Material, Kanto Chemical, KMG Chemicals, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Group, Peroxychem, Solvay, SACHEM, and Versum.

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