Markets & Competitive Landscaping

TECHCET’S Powerful Insight into the Electronic Materials industry uniquely qualifies competitive analysis and forecasting that is second to none.

Our analysts are recognized for their ability to thoroughly and accurately assess market trends and technology. Continuous networking throughout the materials, equipment, and end user communities enables a comprehensive perspective few others can access. Their services cover crucial aspects of product marketing including identification of:

  • Competitive Analysis / Missed Opportunities
  • Product Comparisons/Analysis
  • Direct vs. Distribution Evaluation
  • Cost of Ownership Implications
  • Current Market Status and Customer Acceptance
  • Review of Technical Roadmaps for Product Life and Evolution Implications
  • Customer Focus Groups



Market Surveys and Benchmarking

An experienced supplier knows that to really understand your current, lost and/or prospective customers, you need to get them to talk. But often, if you try to get the information yourself, it comes in through various channels in bits and pieces, sometimes peppered with bias and usually more qualitative than quantitative. To get your organization to listen and take action, Techcet Group provides the clear and concise data that is unbiased and direct. So your Strategy is made with the strongest data available.

Critical Material Reports originally commissioned by International Sematech are available for sale and distribution. The Sematech reports consist of 12 individual reports focused on a particular critical material grouping, i.e. CMP consumables, gases and wet chemicals, photoresist and ancillaries, etc. Updated periodically, each document provides powerful insight into 3 key areas: business issues (market size, growth, etc.), technical trends (new materials and why), and supply chain sensitivities (weaknesses or lack of supply).

If you are interested in obtaining one or more of these reports and/or require a focused investigation on any material area, custom reports are available. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


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