Materials eBlast – Wet Chemicals & Specialty Cleans 2020 Q1

TECHCET announced that Fluorite, needed for hydrofluoric acid (HF), prices in China have decrease by 9% over the last several months. The price situation is dynamic, with China regulators tightening environmental standards resulting in export restrictions and the need to import some raw materials, as detailed in TECHCET’s latest Wet Chemicals & Cleans Quarterly Market Update.

South Korea & Japan have de-Whitelisted each other, thus increasing requirements for exporting to each country. Consequently, South Korea has qualified non-Japan sources of HF gas (for wet chemicals): Befar in China, and Soulbrain and Ram Technology in South Korea.

Chemical specifications continue to change due to greater sensitivity of IC devices at the advanced nodes to impurities. To supply the most advanced fabs, chemical companies must be able to show a “fingerprint profile” of all chemical impurities.

Wet chemicals global market is forecasted to grow from approximately US$2.2B in 2019 to nearly US$2.9B by 2024, with a CAGR of 5.7%, as shown in the figure below:

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