TECHCET announces a call for papers for the upcoming 2022 CMC conference – “Mission Critical Materials Keeping Pace with Chip Supply & Demand”. The Conference will focus on challenges of materials and manufacturing of semiconductor devices – those materials issues most critical for today and those needed to be solved for the future.

TECHCET is looking to find the best original work from all areas of the semiconductor industry pertinent to materials. To submit a paper for consideration, please send a 1-page abstract focusing on critical materials supply dynamics to Jonas Sundqvist at The call for papers deadline is January 15, 2022.

The conference is currently being planned to be in person in Phoenix, Arizona from April 28-29, 2022, however, it is subject to change based on COVID-19 guidelines and may become virtual if the situation arises.

The Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference is a 2-day event providing actionable information on materials and supply-chains for current and future semiconductor manufacturing. Unlike other conferences, the CMC Conference provides practical information addressing “How-to” not just “What.” Solutions to process challenges and materials-related issues are a key focus for the CMC conference presenters. Equally important focal points include business and supply-chain trends and materials needed for emerging technologies.

2022 CMC Conference welcomes submissions to cater to our 4 Sessions:

  1. Global Issues & Trends Impacting Materials
  2. Immediate Challenges of Materials and Manufacturing
  3. Emerging Materials in R&D and Pilot Fabrication
  4. Heterogenous Integration& Advanced Packaging Materials

Material areas of consideration include front end and back end process materials and equipment components, including: wafers & substrates, electronic gases, chemicals, CMP consumables, sputter targets, precursors, metal chemicals, photoresist and other lithography materials; packaging materials; and equipment components, with emphasis on quartz, SiC, and ceramics.

For more information on our 2022 CMC Conference: CLICK HERE 

ABOUT TECHCET:  TECHCET CA LLC is an advisory services firm focused on process materials supply-chains, electronic materials business, and materials market analysis for the semiconductor, display, solar/PV, and LED industries. Since 2000, the company has been responsible for producing the Critical Material Reports™, covering silicon wafers, semiconductor gases, wet chemicals, CMP consumables, Photoresists, and ALD/CVD Precursors. The Critical Materials Council (CMC) of semiconductor fabricators is a business service offered by TECHCET, and includes materials supplier Associate Members. For additional information about reports, market briefings, CMC membership, or custom consulting please contact, +1-480-332-8336, or go to