CMC and DSS Membership Benefits

The Critical Materials Council (CMC) is a business unit of TECHCET offering memberships for semiconductor and electronics materials information. These memberships help semiconductor Fabs and material suppliers stay connected to dynamic changes in the electronics materials markets and supply-chains. CMC Associate Members (materials suppliers) can attend the private CMC member networking functions with fabs and suppliers, choose 1 Critical Materials Report (including 1:1 consulting with the report analyst for on-the spot questions), and receive market updates on new suppliers and sub-tier suppliers that could enhance business capabilities. Additional reports are available to CMC Associate Members with a preferred members-only discount. Other discounts may apply for the addition of multiple reports.  For more information on CMC, please click here or contact us for details.

CMC Membership Includes:

  1. Networking opportunities with the Critical Materials Council of Semiconductor Fabricators (CMC Fabs) to discuss common supply-chain concerns
  2. One or more TECHCET’s Critical Materials Reports – expertly written research reports pertaining to the electronics and semiconductor materials market. Reports must be selected within 30 days of the membership start/renewal date.
  3. Ready access to TECHCET Market Analysts for questions pertaining to Critical Materials Report subject matter
  4. Email Alerts sent by senior analysts on Unusual Events and Incidents that could critically impact your Semiconductor Material Supply Chains
  5. Quarterly Updates which include Forecasts, Plant Closures / Discontinued Operations, Business Mergers related to the chosen Critical Materials Report
  6. One registration to the CMC Conference or CMC Seminar
  7. Digital access to CMC Conference and Seminar Presentations
  8. Discounts on other Critical Materials Reports

DSS Subscription Services:

  • TECHCET Critical Materials Reports™ of your choosing includes:
    • Data charts and spreadsheets
    • TECHCET proprietary wafer start data (option)
    • Three quarterly updates to forecast, M&A activity, suppliers, tech trends
    • *Reports must be selected within 30 days of the membership start/renewal date.
  • Each DSS membership comes with 1:1 Coaching and Tips by Market Analysts
  • Discounts on additional reports
  • Admittance to Private Advisory Alerts Webinars and Recordings
  • Portal access to the TECHCET news and information website
  • Discounts on Deep Dive Custom Consulting
  • Discounts on CMC Conference registration

DSS Options

  1. Share among your business units with a Multi-client License Agreement (MCL); Recommend for clients with multiple business units
  2. Flexibility to choose among report options
  3. Allow Report Selection within 30 days of purchase order
  4. Combine your subscription with additional expert time for more details on topics of interest
  5. Expert calls available for an additional fee

For More information, contact us

Interface with Critical Materials Council of Semiconductor Fabricators

CMC Members meet monthly by phone, and 2-times per year face-to-face (F2F). Monthly meetings include analyst presentations and discussions on the latest industry trends relating to semiconductor materials markets (phone meetings for suppliers are separate from those of the fabs). The F2F meetings occur in the Spring (April) and Fall (late October), and include a private joint session with both Fab and Associate members, and a Seminar or Conference. These activities provide networking opportunities as well as informed market information to map out your market landscape and grow your electronics or semiconductor business.

Access to Materials Market/Technology Analysts

CMC Associate Membership includes access to specialized market analysts anytime throughout the membership term. Members may contact the analyst for questions relating to the Critical Material Report they purchased. The amount of time per question session is limited to ~30 min of the analyst’s time, and can be facilitated over email or by phone. Any questions that require additional research or time will be quoted to the client separately and performed upon mutual agreement.

Payment plans?

For qualifying companies, we offer payment plans to help spread out your payments over the year.  Your credit card will be billed automatically throughout the pay period. Please email us to apply for this option.

Credit Cards

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover. There is no surcharge for using your credit card. Please be sure to provide your exact billing address and telephone number (i.e. the address and phone number your credit card bank has on file for you).

Report Information Disclaimer

The information contained in TECHCET CA, LLC’s Critical Material Reports represent the interpretation and analysis of information generally available to the public or released by responsible agencies or individuals. Data was obtained from sources considered reliable. However, accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed. This report contains information generated by TECHCET by way of primary and secondary market research methods.


Should you wish to cancel prior to the end of the 12 month period of membership, TECHCET will charge the credit card on file for the remaining balance, i.e. the list price of the report selected with the membership, plus the prorated amount of the membership incurred.


As a benefit to our customers, it is TECHCET’s policy to provide the latest Quarterly Update with the CMR for each CMC and DSS member.  For example, customers joining in the beginning of any calendar year will receive the most recent CMR + the latest Quarterly Update. Those customers who join after April 1 will not receive an extra Quarterly Update with their membership because the CMR report will incorporate the Q2 information. All customers will still receive 1-3 new Quarterly Updates after the purchase date.


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