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Market Analysis and Forecasting

TECHCET’s individual and collective knowledge of the industry makes us uniquely qualified to provide sound and insightful advice to semiconductor and related industries. We are recognized in the industry for our ability to thoroughly and accurately assess market trends and technology. We continually network and have contacts throughout the materials, equipment, and end user communities. Our work covers crucial aspects of product marketing including identification of:

      • Competitive Analysis / Missed Opportunities
      • Product Comparisons/Analysis
      • Direct vs. Distribution Evaluation
      • Cost of Ownership Implications
      • Current Market Status and Customer Acceptance
      • Review of ITRS Roadmap for Product Life and Evolution Implications

Market Surveys and Benchmarking

An experienced supplier knows that to really understand your current, lost and/or prospective customers, you need to get them to talk. But often, if you try to get the information yourself, it comes in through various channels in bits and pieces, sometimes peppered with bias and usually more qualitative than quantitative. To get your organization to listen and take action, TECHCET can provide you with clear and concise data that is unbiased and direct.

Expert Witness and IP Work

TECHCET’s business and technical expertise in all areas of semiconductor process materials serve the legal aspects of technology and IP ownership. We work at large for various legal organizations to help provide information on various material related issues.

M & A – Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence

Years of expertise in the semiconductor materials and equipment sector have allowed TECHCET to assist in helping to identify acquisition candidates, assist in the acquisition of new businesses and/or technology. In addition, given our huge database of materials and industry contacts we can easily provide information required for due diligence.

Critical Material Reports for the Critical Materials Council (CMC) and materials community

Critical Material Reports(tm), originally generated for International SEMATECH, are annually produced and available for sale and distribution to the materials community. These reports cover 12 materials areas from CMP consumables, Advanced Interconnect Materials, to Photoresists.

Business Development and Strategic Planning

TECHCET has expertise in all phases of Business Development from product marketing strategies to acquisition assessment and management. The work we do hits upon critical areas such as:

Business Development

      • Review ITRS And Process Integration Requirements
      • Determine Which Co-Suppliers Are Candidates for Alliances
      • Determine Which End Users Are Candidates For Partnership
      • Interface To Potential Partners For Cooperative Development
      • Intellectual Property Status Evaluation

Strategic Planning

      • Certified In Creative Problem Solving(TM) Methodology
      • Techniques Beyond Standard Brainstorming
      • Define Tactical And Strategic Intellectual Property Goals And Plans
      • Review ITRS And Process Integration Requirements



TECHCET is now providing critical materials training. Our training is customized to your technical and business development needs and may include information on materials markets, process application, and gas system installation and operation.  We also have experts that can teach semiconductor quality assurance, and gas logistics. TECHET’s training sessions build on our wide range of knowledge in the semiconductor industry.

We provide either web based or face to face training based on the customer’s preference. Multi-session training programs are given throughout the year.

Please contact us here to find out how we can train your people to enhance your bottom line.


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