About Us

TECHCET CA LLC is a technology centered consulting firm providing analysis of electronics materials supply chains and technical trends for the global semiconductor, display, solar/PV, and LED industries. TECHCET’s team of industry experts actively monitors and tracks:

      • Supply chain trends and disruptions
      • Materials market dynamics
      • New technologies that may impact the materials value chain

Our Team

TECHCET’s team of industry experts track, monitor, and anticipate supply chain disruptions, market dynamics, and new technologies that may impact the electronics materials value chain. We maintain a team of technologists with business expertise that help our clients clearly understand trends and challenges related to materials, and provide insights and recommendations for forward looking strategies.

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TECHCET offerings include:

    • Detailed market assessments and forecasting in our Critical Material Reports (CMR’s), Executive Edition Reports, and Special Reports on various electronics materials markets like ALD/CVD, wet chemicals, sputter targets, ceramics, and more. Learn more about reports here. 



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