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Techcet’s Silicon Wafer Report looks at the full market and supply chain of the silicon wafer industry, from polysilicon through end usage volumes. Market shares and forecast are provided as well as supplier profiles. In addition, the influence of SOI on this market is also included.

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Table of Contents

1 Executive summary
2 Introduction
3 Drivers of the silicon wafer supply chain
3.1 Electronic Systems
3.2 Semiconductors
3.3 Silicon’s Interrelationship to Semiconductors
4 Key supplier Market and capacity shares
5 Risks to the silicon wafer supply chain
5.1 Polysilicon Market Environment
5.2 Silicon Wafer Pricing
5.3 Impact of China
5.4 Supply and Demand Balance of Silicon
6 Forecast by msi, diameter and wafer type
7 Silicon wafer supply versus demand
7.1 The Shakeout of 200 mm
7.2 Early Excesses in 300 mm
7.3 The Changing Tides of 300 mm
7.4 Revisiting Expansion of the Supply Base by the Mainstream
7.5 Potential New Entrants to the 300 mm Supply Base
8 Wafer Supplier Profiles and News
8.1 Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. (HQ Tokyo, Japan)
8.2 SUMCO Corp. (HQ Tokyo, Japan)
8.3 Siltronic (HQ Munich, Germany)
8.4 LG Siltron (HQ Gumi, South Korea)
8.5 SunEdison Semiconductor (HQ St. Peters, MO USA)
8.6 Sino-American Silicon (HQ Taiwan, China)
8.7 Okmetic Ojy (HQ Vantaa, Finland)
8.8 GCL Poly (HQ Hong Kong, China)
8.9 Wafer World (HQ West Palm Beach, FL USA)
9 Silicon wafer manufacturing overview
9.1 Crystal Growth
9.2 Modifications
9.3 Value-added Variations

List of Figures

Figure 1: 2016 WW GDP Contribution
Figure 2: 2016 WW GDP Top 10 versus Others
Figure 3: 2016 Electronics Sector Revenue
Figure 4: 2017 Breakdown of Top 10 Brand Valuations
Figure 5: Semiconductor Market Trend
Figure 6: Electronic and Semiconductor Revenue Comparison
Figure 7: Electronic and Semiconductor 2014 Baseline Comparison
Figure 8: Semiconductor Units per Electronic System $
Figure 9: Percentage of Semiconductor Revenue by Chip Type
Figure 10: Revenue CAGR (’14 – ’17) by Chip Type
Figure 11: Top 10 Semiconductor Chip End-Use Applications, 2016
Figure 12: Silicon Wafer Usage vs. Semiconductor Chip Production
Figure 13: Share of Top 5 Supplier Combined Revenue
Figure 14: Q4 2016 Share of Top 5 Combined Revenue
Figure 15: 300 mm Wafer Capacity
Figure 16: 200 mm Wafer Capacity
Figure 17: Polysilicon Capacity by Application
Figure 18: Unit Pricing Trend for Silicon Wafers ($ / Sq. In.)
Figure 19: Calculated Pricing Trends for Silicon Wafers
Figure 20: Modeled Pricing for 300mm Wafers by Type, 2016
Figure 21: Semiconductor Import Trends vs. Domestic Production
Figure 22: China Semiconductor Consumption by Application, 2015
Figure 23: Semiconductor Consumption by Application, ’14 vs. ‘15
Figure 24: China Semiconductor Consumption by Type, 2015
Figure 25: Fab Installed Maximum Capacity, 200mm Equiv.
Figure 26: Frontend Process Construction Spending
Figure 27: Silicon Wafer 5 Year Forecast
Figure 28: Silicon Wafer 5 Year Forecast (Diameter)
Figure 29: Silicon Wafer 5 Year Forecast (WSPM)
Figure 30: 300mm Silicon Wafer 5 Year Fcst., Wafer Type (WSPM)
Figure 31: 200mm Silicon Wafer 5 Year Fcst., Wafer Type (WSPM)
Figure 32: 200 mm Fab Conversion to 300 mm
Figure 33: 200 mm Supply versus Demand Balance
Figure 34: 300 mm Supply versus Demand Balance
Figure 35: Trend in Pricing Changes 1998 – 2016
Figure 36: Artist’s Rendition of Zing Semiconductor, Shanghai
Figure 37: Zing Semiconductor, Shanghai
Figure 38: Zing ‘s 3-Phase Plan
Figure 38: Zing Supply Scenario Impact on Base
Figure 39: Projected Supply Deficiency
Figure 40: Crystal Growth Methodologies
Figure 41: Crystal Slicing Methodologies
Figure 42: Double-Sided Polishing Methodology
Figure 43: Epitaxial Reactors for Value-added Layer Extension
Figure 44: Bonded Wafer SOI Process Used by SOITEC
Figure 45: Value-added Wafer Sample Cross-sections

List of Tables

Table 1: Application by Wafer Type, Simplified Overview
Table 2: Unit Si per Smartphone CAGR 2012 – 2015 (Class & Wafer Type)
Table 3: 2014 Semiconductor Sales CAGR, by Segment
Table 4: 2015 versus 2014 Semiconductor Supplier Revenue ($B)
Table 5: Price Range Estimates (by wafer size, wafer type and region)
Table 6: 450mm Wafer Status
Table 7: 2017 SOI TAM (by wafer size, type)
Table 8: Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. Ltd. Sales and Earnings
Table 9: SUMCO Corp. Sales and Earnings
Table 10: Siltronic Sales and Earnings
Table 11: LG Siltron Sales and Earnings
Table 12: Sun Edison Semi Sales and Earnings
Table 13: Sino-American Sales and Earnings
Table 14: Okmetic Ojy Sales and Earnings
Table 15: GCL Poly Sales and Earnings
Table 16: Wafer World Sales and Earnings
Table 17: Status of Wafer Supply, by Diameter and Type


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