The Gases Report provides market and business trend details on process gases used for semiconductor device manufacturing.

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1. Executive Overview
2. Market Overview
3. Electronic Gas Market Growth and Forecast
4. Electronic Gas Market Share
a. Electronic Bulk and Spec Gas Market Share
b. Bulk Gas Market Share
c. Spec Gas Market Share
5. Key Specialty Gas Market Dynamics
a. NF3 Market Overview
b. Neon Market Overview
c. Helium Market Overview
d. WF6 Market Overview
6. Plant Closures/Incidents
a. Airgas N2O Plant Explosion
b. Hyosung NF3 Incident
c. BASF Plant Explosion
d. Wafertech Liquid Hydrogen Fire
e. Air Liquide Hydrogen Release in California
f. Praxair LIN Tanker Crash in California
7. Mergers and Acquisitions
a. Linde and Praxair Merger
b. Yingde Acquisition
c. Dow and Dupont Merger
d. Daesung Industrial Gases Acquired
8. Technology and Industry Trends
a. Plasma Etching Physics
b. Deep Silicon Etching
c. F2 Free Tungsten Depostion
d. Helium Reduction for SACVD
9. Environmental and Regulatory Issues
a. EPA Cut Backs
b. Heavy Rare Earth (HRE) Elements Concern
c. Conflict Minerals
d. Paris Agreement
10. Gas Supplier Profiles and News
a. Air Liquide
b. Linde Group
c. Praxair
d. TNSC-Matheson
e. Versum Materials
f. Air Products
g. Air Water
h. Showa Denko
i. Kanto Denka Kogyo
j. SK Materials
k. China Supplier Profile – Peric
11. Misc Gas Industry News
a. Tech Air acquires Gasco Affiliates
b. Hanjin Shipping Bankruptcy
c. SK Materials
12. Spec Gas Industry Matrix
13. Electronic Gas Matrix
a. Hydrides
b. Silane Precursors
c. Etchants/Chamber Clean
d. Deposition/Misc
e. Bulk Gases

Table of Figures
1. Electronic Gas Market Growth and Forecast
2. Electronic Bulk and Spec Gas Market Share
3. Bulk Gas Market Share
4. Spec Gas Market Share
5. NF3 Market Dynamics
6. Neon Market Dynamics
7. Helium Market Dynamics
8. WF6 Market Dynamics
9. Hyosung Plant Damage
10. Deep Silicon Etching Results
11. SEMS Photo of PMD process
12. Finalized PMD two-step Process Recipe
13. Spec Gas Industry Matrix
14. Electronic Gas Matrix – Hydrides
15. Electronic Gas Matrix – Silane Precursors
16. Electronic Gas Matrix – Etchants/Chamber Clean
17. Electronic Gas Matrix – Deposition/Misc
18. Electronic Gas Matric – Bulk Gases


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