Photoresists and Photoresist Ancillaries


This report delves into the market segments that supply photoresist and associated chemistries used for developing photoresists.

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0. Acronyms and Definitions and Keywords
1. Executive Summary
2. Market for Photoresists & Extensions & Ancillaries
2.1 Lithography Roadmaps
2.1 Market Dynamics
2.2 Extensions of resolution
2.3 Negative Tone materials
3. PR & EXT & ANC Market Share and Forecast
3.1 Semi industry trends and forecast
3.2 Litho materials supply chain trends
3.3 PR Market Shares
3.4 Litho Materials Market Growth to2021
4. Next Generation Lithography (NGL)
4.1 Extreme Ultra-Violet (EUV)
4.2 Nano-Imprint Lithography (NIL)
4.3 Direct Self-Assembly (DSA)
4.4 E-Beam Direct Write (EBDW)
5. Environmental and Regulatory issues
5.1 REACH and PFOS/PFOA related chemistries
5.2 Alternative Developers including TBAH
5.3 Alternative Solvents
6. Litho Materials Supplier Profiles and News
6.1 Avatar (J.T.Baker)
6.2 Brewer Science / Nissan Chemical
6.3 Dow (Rohm and Haas)
6.4 Fuji Film (Hunt)
6.5 Japan Silicon Rubber
6.6 Kempur
6.7 Merck (AZ)
6.9 Shin-Etsu
6.10 Sumitomo
6.11 Tokyo Ohka Kogyo

List of Figures

1. Last (2012) ITRS Litho Chart
2. IMECLithographyResolution Limits
3. 193nm Immersion (193i) Litho Stage Cross-section
4. Multi-Patterning (MP) options LELE and SADP
5. MP Overlay specifications by node
8. EUVL reduces Overlay and Metrology in the future
7. “7nm-node” logic pitch specifications by layer
8. Mix-and-Match Litho needs by node
9. Resolution Limits of 193i and EUVL
10. SLR Triangle
11. Spin-On Trim EXT material and benefits
12. Tri-Layer Resist (TLR) process schematic
13. SEM showing TLR Line Collapse at Minimum Half-pitch
14. Five Layer Resist stack for 3D-NAND etching
15. Positive-Tone Resist Optimized Using NT Developer
16. SEMs showing Reduced LWR with NTD
17. IC Industry Revenues and Growth
18. Annual Wafer Starts (200mm equivalents)
19. $ to ¥ Exchange Rates 2006-2016
20. 3D NAND Staircase Structure and Complexity
21. Photoresist Suppliers Market Shares
22. Worldwide IC Photoresist Forecast 2020
23. Worldwide IC PR Extension Materials Forecast 2020
24. Worldwide IC PR Ancillary Materials Forecast 2020
25. Worldwide IC PR+EXT+ANC Materials forecast 2020
26. EUVL vs. ArFi mask counts for advanced nodes
27. EUVL vs. ArFi for “10nm-node” M1 patterning
28. EUVL Developer Options shown in SEMs
29. DowEM Litho Materials functions in schematics
30.JSR Semiconductor MaterialsSales Plan
31. JSR Sales History & Forecast of Litho Products
33.SACHEM TMAH Recycle Flow Diagram
34. Sumitomo PT Product Line up
35. Sumitomo KrF PR & EXT Product FT vs. CD
36. Sumitomo i-Line PR Product Line Resolution vs. Sensitivity


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