Strategic Business Development & Product Marketing

Techcet Groups’ expertise delivers clear, strategic data to develop new markets and products for maximum profitability. The Powerful Insight of the Techcet Group will enable your company to fulfill the needs of today’s market, while preparing for the needs of tomorrow.

Techcet Groups services range from product marketing strategies to acquisition assessment and management. Specific service offerings are:

Business Development

  • Review ITRS And Process Integration Requirements
  • Determine Which Co-Suppliers Are Candidates for Alliances
  • Determine Which End Users Are Candidates For Partnership
  • Interface To Potential Partners For Cooperative Development
  • Intellectual Property Status Evaluation

Strategic Planning

  • Certified In Creative Problem Solving™ Methodology
  • Techniques Beyond Standard Brainstorming
  • Define Tactical And Strategic Intellectual Property Goals And Plans
  • Review ITRS And Process Integration Requirements

Product Development & Marketing

Product Development projects can unravel as teams scramble to hit deadlines instead of creating dynamic products by truly comprehending the needs of the market. When this happens, a “lemming factor” can occur that the members of the Techcet Group can eliminate.

The Powerful Insight brought by the Techcet Group provides guidance and advice on both the product development process, and the product marketing and penetration strategies. Specific service offerings are:

  • Special and/or Unique Opportunities For This Product Or Technical Approach
  • Comparison Of Product Internal Specifications To Users’ Expectations
  • Semiconductor Process Integration Implications And Opportunities
  • Analysis Of Potential Road Blocks To Acceptance
  • End Users Timing For Development And Manufacturing of This Technology



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