TECHCET provides your Company with the critical information needed for Strategic Planning, Competitive Positioning, and Supply Chain Risk Mitigation. We are a technology focused Materials Market Analysis Advisory firm most well known for our Semiconductor Materials Market Analysis work and the Critical Materials Council (CMC).  Other areas include Market Research and Analysis on Materials Markets, Supply Chain, and Technology Trends for the Display, Solar/PV, and LED Markets.

Focus areas include: Photoresists & Ancillaries, Gases, CMP Consumables, Wet Chemicals, Specialty Cleaning Chemistries, Sputter Targets, Equipment Components, and more! 

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CMC Fabs

Critical Materials Council, a business unit of TECHCET

M&A / Due Diligence

Full technology & supply chain evaluation services

Market & Competitive Landscape

Powerful insight

Intellectual Property Development

Patent defense & advisory services

Questions & Answers

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What Our Clients Say

“Techcet is the only market research firm that has both the depth and breadth required to help companies build product strategies and plan for future growth” — Various Chemical and End User Companies

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