2017 Critical Materials Conference – It’s not like any other!

For Immediate Release

2017 CMC Conference
A Highly Differentiated Program

Brought to you by the CMC and TECHCET
Register now! – May 11-12 event in Richardson, Texas

San Diego, CA, April 18, 2017: TECHCET CA—the advisory service firm providing electronics materials information—and the Critical Materials Council (CMC) of semiconductor fabricators announce that Dr. Hans Stork, SVP and CTO of On Semiconductor, will provide the keynote address at the next CMC Conference to be held May 11-12, 2017 in Richardson, Texas (http://cmcfabs.org/cmc-events/). Building on the success of the first CMC Conference held last May in Hillsboro, the 2017 event will feature presentations by technologists from Intel, Micron, and Samsung.

Following the annual members-only CMC meeting to be held May 9-10, the 2017 CMC Conference is open to the public. The Critical Materials Conference seeks to provide you with information and an experience that you can use now and for future planning. Complete with the “Not-so-usual-Round-Table” Session, the CMC Conference provides a structured framework to catalyze the flow of “actionable” technical and supply chain information related to critical materials.

Themes of the Conference are centered around the needs of the Critical Materials Council and the global IC fabrication industry. While executive conferences typically focus on the “what” and “why” of materials technologies, this conference will discuss “how” new materials can be controllably, safely, and cost-effectively used in fabs. The Conference will also include market data to validate “when” materials will be needed. Attendees from fabs, OEMs, and materials suppliers alike will have the opportunity to interact with the presenters and colleagues, to gain insights into best-practices of the entire supply-chain.

In addition to panel discussions, presentation sessions will focus on the following topics:

  • Global Issues & the Supply Chain,
  • Immediate Challenges of Materials & Manufacturing, and
  • Emerging Materials Challenges.

To register for the conference please got to the website http://cmcfabs.org/registration/.

ABOUT CMC: The Critical Materials Council (CMC) of Semiconductor Fabricators (CMCFabs.org) is a membership-based organization that works to anticipate and solve critical materials issues in a pre-competitive environment. The CMC is a unit of TECHCET, an advisory service firm focused on fabrication supply-chains, electronic materials technology, and materials market analysis for the semiconductor, display, solar/PV, and LED industries.

 ABOUT TECHCET: TECHCET CA LLC is an advisory service firm focused on process materials supply chains, electronic materials technology, and materials market analysis for the semiconductor, display, solar/PV, and LED industries. Since 2000, the company has been responsible for producing the SEMATECH Critical Material Reports, covering silicon wafers, semiconductor gases, wet chemicals, CMP consumables, Photoresists, and ALD/CVD Precursors. For additional information about these reports or CMC Fabs membership please contact Diane Scott or Michel Walden at info@cmcfabs.org  +1-480-332-8336, or go to www.techcet.com or www.cmcfabs.org