Cobalt and Nickel Targets Super Strategic for IC Fabs

San Diego, November 25, 2019: TECHCET announced that the global market for Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Sputter Targets is declining by 1.5% in response to semiconductor fabrication market challenges in 2019. However, 5% growth is forecasted for 2020, with the non-precious-metal segment expected to reach US$690 million. Including precious metals the 2020 Sputter Target market is expected to reach US$1,084 million, as detailed in the latest Critical Materials Report™ (CMR) quarterly update on Sputter Targets (see Figure).

Sputter Target

“Demand for ‘Other’ target metals such as nickel, cobalt, and multicomponent alloys are increasing,” explained Dr. Dan P. Tracy, TECHCET senior analyst and author of the report. “For emerging strategic applications, device makers may need to work with smaller, tier-2, suppliers, as their mainstay suppliers typically refrain from small volume

Overall, the Sputter Target manufacturing base is stable and keeping pace with industry. In the near term, TECHCET is tracking pricing trends for key metals such as tantalum and Platinum Group Metals (PGM).

This report covers the following suppliers: Furuya Metals, GO Element, Grikin, Honeywell, JX Nippon, KFMI, Materion, Pioneer Materials, Praxair/Linde, Sumitomo, Tanaka, Top Metal Materials, Tosoh SMD, Solar Applied Materials Technology, Umicore, VEM, and Vital Materials.

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