US CHIPS Act Information Source

San Diego, CA, September 2022

TECHCET is keenly aware of the importance of CHIPS Act on the US semiconductor industry and materials supply-chain infrastructure. For that reason, we have configured a program to keep our CMC and DSS member subscribers well informed, as described below:

1) What has TECHCET done to get information to our CMC and DSS members?
TECHCET routinely sends information to our CMC Members and Data Subscribers through the following facets:

  • By email – upon receiving news or information on CHIPS Act we email our CMC and DSS customers
  • Webinars – quarterly webinars which contain informational trends about semiconductor materials markets and supply-chains, we include updates on CHIPS Act activities and pull in experts like Hon. Bonnie Glick, of the Krach Institute’s Center for Technology Diplomacy, or DC expert, Madison Smith of Cozen.
  • Provide 1:1 support on issues directly related to customers’ report selections and/or in the way of custom consulting.

2) How is TECHCET connected to policy makers and/or activities in Washington DC related to semiconductor supply-chains or the CHIPS Act decision making?
TECHCET’s CEO/President, Lita Shon-Roy, is a Senior Advisor to the Krach Institute’s Center for Technology Diplomacy, based in Washington DC, whose mission is to help educate policy makers about technology to help them make better decisions relating to policies that impact US technology. She has been invited to several events where she has met with embassy leaders and senators answering questions about materials and critical supply-chain dependencies where the US chip makers are highly vulnerable. TECHCET also maintains strong relationships with organizations such as the SIA and SEMI, where TECHCET serves as their source for supply-chain information and materials market reports. In addition, TECHCET has a collaborative relationship with NY CREATES, the leading candidate for the US Semiconductor Technology Center, to be identified as part of the CHIPS Act.

TECHCET has also opened new channels of communication with the US Department of Commerce, that is quickly organizing to manage to execute all aspects of the CHIPS Act. It is TECHCET’s hope that the US Department of Commerce will engage TECHCET for our expertise in materials and supply-chains to help them understand critical materials pinch points which exist in the US Chip Manufacturing infrastructure.

Any pertinent information gleaned from these collaborations and interactions are released to CMC and DSS members.

3) What else is TECHCET doing to support their CMC and DSS members?
Several members have asked that we consider writing a letter to the US Department of Commerce explaining why it is essential that US material supply-chains receive US CHIPS Act funding to build the needed materials capacity to support US chip expansion plans. This letter would be something that materials suppliers would sign together with TECHCET.

TECHCET has generated a CHIPS Act Checklist which is free to CMC and DSS subscriber members. This checklist is also provided as part of their Executive Edition – Semiconductor Industry Outlook, which may be purchased separate

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