US$1B Global Market for Quartz Growing Amidst Fluctuating Lead-times

Wafer Shortage affecting Silicon Components Market

San Diego, CA, July 25, 2018: TECHCET—the advisory services firm providing electronic materials information— announced that the global market for consumable quartz components used in semiconductor manufacturing equipment in 2017 was over US$1 billion in revenues, having grown 26 percent from 2016. Some lead-times for delivery in 2017 doubled due to the high demand, and the supply-chain is still constrained for hot-work parts. The market for fabricated quartz parts in 2018 will continue to be strong, although growing at a lower rate of 9 percent over 2017, and with longer-term CAGRs moderating. The consumable silicon components market, at about half the size of the quartz market, shows similar dynamics. Recent silicon material price spikes are expected to normalize as we move into 2019, detailed in the latest TECHCET Critical Materials Reports (CMR) for quartz and for silicon equipment components.

“The silicon materials market now has a healthy number of suppliers that compete for fabs shopping for spare parts. However, some suppliers will likely not be able to survive the next correction, if the supply-chain keeps growing. The recent raw material price increases due to the silicon wafer shortage have been difficult for the supply-chain to absorb,” explained Kuang-Han Ke, TECHCET senior analyst and author of the report. “Meanwhile, quartz supply and demand seems to have returned to a healthy balance, and the leading suppliers are working hard to differentiate their portfolios with new base material offerings.”

Quartz parts suppliers covered in this report include: Applied Ceramics, Beijing Kaide Quartz, DS Techno, Ferrotec, GM Associates, Han Yung, Hangzhou Dahe Thermo-magnetics, Hayward Quartz Technology, Heraeus Quarzglas, Heraeus-Shin-Etsu Quartz Products (HSQP), Hsin Yui Technology, Kumkang Quartz, Maruwa, Quality Quartz Engineering, Quick Gem Optoelectronic S & T (QGOE), Shin-Etsu Quartz, Techno Quartz, TOSOH Quartz, Worldex Industry & Trading (West Coast Quartz), WONIK QnC, and Xycarb Ceramics.

Silicon parts suppliers covered in this report include: Applied Ceramics, Atecom Technology, CoorsTek, DS Techno, Ferrotec, Global Wafers (SunEdison Semiconductor), Hana Materials, Hayward Quartz Technology, IMS Daewon, SKC Solmics, Sanwa Engineering, Silfex, Siliciumbearbeitung Andrea Holm, SungRim, Techno Quartz, Thinkon Semiconductor, Worldex Industry & Trading (West Coast Quartz), Xycarb Ceramics, and Yerico Manufacturing.

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